10.4 Intergenerational households and well-being of the older persons' in Nigeria

Wednesday, August 1, 2012: 9:45 AM
Faculty of Economics, TBA
Distributed Paper
Elias WAHAB , sociology, lagos state university, Nigeria, lagos state, Nigeria
Intergenerational household has been identified as an important determinant in the lives of older persons’ in Nigeria. This study aims at explaining the patterns of intergenerational households and supports as well as its impact on older persons’ wellbeing.

Multi-stage sampling procedure was used to select LGAs, EAs and individuals for the study. In all, 250 respondents were interviewed. Logistic regression model was used in the analysis.

The study found that some older persons actually live in intergenerational households. Education, income and religion are related to the formation of intergenerational households. Those with tertiary education are 1.2 times less likely to report improvement in wellbeing than those with primary education.

The study concludes that intergenerational household may be a panacea to dwindling wellbeing of older persons.