754.4 Perceptions of violence and youth

Saturday, August 4, 2012: 3:15 PM
Faculty of Economics, TBA
Oral Presentation
Andreia CIDADE MARINHO , IESP/UERJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The purpose of this work is to examine the different perceptions on violence among the young that cohabit some neighborhoods considered risk areas in Rio de Janeiro. It is intended to map the varying understandings of the young in their respective social environments; think over the possible effects of exposure to violence on their behavior and values; and analyze differences and similarities in the observed group from related life experiences.

Our study is based on the interviews with 83 young residents of neighborhoods seen as dangerous and violent in the city of Rio de Janeiro. We focus on the opinion and experiences of the interviewed about the use of violence, fear and its possible implications.

Different social contexts and its relative influence on the formation of values are also considered. Based on specific bibliography, and by means of our research, we support the hypothesis that persons who live in similar social environments, seen as violent, differ significantly on the way they think of the subject and react to the phenomenon, something that contradicts traditional arguments founded on social determinism.

This work reviews the many theoretical approaches to researches with similar subjects and inquires how exposure to violence translates, on these young men and women point of view, into forms of legitimization, banality or rejection.