604.3 Public administration teams: Leadership and motivation

Friday, August 3, 2012: 3:10 PM
Faculty of Economics, TBA
Viviana ARBELO , Universidad Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Public Administration Teams: leadership and motivation

This presentation is based on the observation of the response of Public Administration team leaders in Latin America to a virtual course in leadership and motivation conducted since 2007.

The course was thought as a contribution to the cultural transformation within Public Administration organizations, that beyond requiring the deepening of improvements in other concepts, relies on the requirement of the creation of motivated teams.  

The work environment in public organizations in Latin America is politics dependant, which makes more difficult the relationships between people with different levels of power.

Nevertheless some public work teams have a mystic that allows them to achieve extraordinary results.

These examples show that their results are more related to the attention given to human potential awaken through effective communication and participative leadership than to the use of management technologies or the application of rules of public bureaucracies. 

When awaken and promoted this gives way to enhanced participation, emphasizing in democratic values and avoiding authoritarian practices.  An increase in motivation is thus expected.

Participant comments on their results of the application of several practices to increase participation, refer to this impact in different types of Public Organization teams.