477.1 Three levels of democracy : Polis, nation, transnational solidarities

Friday, August 3, 2012: 10:45 AM
Faculty of Economics, TBA
Oral Presentation
Gilles VERPRAET , SOPHIAPOL, CNRS, Nanterre, France
Globalization processes and media connexions challenge the notion of public sphere as an arena for the exchanges of argumentation (Habermas, 1979, Habermas, 1994). These transformations questions not only the arena of debates, but also the political subjects who may address in the public sphere and the consistency of political culture (Eder, 2001)

The problematic of recognition intends to reinforce the individual rights, the cultural rights, the social rights (Honneth, 2001). The questions comes to examine  the modes of recognition and the encounters inside the extended social networks, inside transnational social space. This methodology examine the dynamic of democratization  as community of issues (Arendt), as politicization of common issues and common problems (Tassin,2002,  Beck, 2006), as interconnexion of issues. 

We conclude to the constituency of three public spaces based on three encounters regimes (local, national, transnational). The analytical question comes on the modes of connexion between these three public spaces.

This analytical and taxinomic development will be argued also on case studies such as the anti crisis mobilizations in Europe ( Greece ,Iceland) and the Arabic mobilizations for democratisation between different public spaces.