529.3 Yoga--- An universal spiritual leisure value

Friday, August 3, 2012: 1:00 PM
Faculty of Economics, TBA
Oral Presentation
Ajeeta BHATIA , Sociology, University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India
Aneela GADRE , G.E.S's B.V.College of Arts and Commerce, India

Yoga is as timeless and ageless as life itself. It is a way of life so to say as a style of living. India is the holy land of the genesis of this science. Yogic culture and spiritual values are the principal reasons why the western and other non-Indian cultures are so attracted towards India. Westerners are not only attracted to yoga but they are also deriving the maximum benefits out of it.   India has a plethora of various cultural and spiritual practices that have empowered mankind to face the challenges of the modern world.

 Leisure can be understood as the time utilized fruitfully which is non-remunerative but which energises us  by regular practice and thus equips us to  straddle both the material and spiritual realms effectively. The world  is slowly awakening to the fact that the human body needs  its moments of relaxation and nothingness to come  back revitalized. The umpteen   opportunities  and options  available to people to relax their mind  and body can be understood by the sheer variety of gymns, ayurvedic retreats, spas etc. Yoga seems to be the only indispensable , cheaply available and permanent ashram  of learning . Though  Yoga  originated in India, it has been popularized by the West by innovating it and marketing it under  brand  names like Power Yoga, Hot Yoga  It is interestimg to note how our basic human values  like Truth, Non-violence, Peace  etc are incorporated  as Yogic Niyamas and and it is these Niyamas  alongwith Yamas that govern our  life patterns. 

This paper makes an attempt at understanding Yoga as a leisure –time activity which not only reflects the cultural and ideological values but also has a great  impact  on human life in modern times.