436.2 Extracurricular art practices: Developing emotional competence in adolescence

Friday, August 3, 2012: 9:15 AM
Faculty of Economics, TBA
Oral Presentation
Alexandra NENKO , National Research University Higher School of Economics, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Here we present the consideration of the art leisure in its relation to identity by analyzing this connection from developmental science and emotion studies perspective. Organized leisure time such as extracurricular art practices conditions it to be valuable for gaining developmental experiences; in particular, facilitates identity shaping process which is especially intense in adolescence. Contemporary conceptions of identity and identification see these phenomena as considerably dependent on emotional life of individuals in social groups. Emotional ties among the members of the groups constitute a natural basis for “I” – “We” sensualization. Even basic emotional relationships of attachment and detachment in a group influence type of correlation and level of cohesion between members, charges their drive for joint action, shapes their satisfaction with the group as behavioral context and make up source of emotional energy for self-expression. Extracurricular art activities form fruitful contexts for adolescents to develop emotional foundations of self-image and in-group positioning. First, arts are the most expressive sphere, suitable for reaching outstanding emotional states and feeling others and oneself as a part of a coherent pattern. Second, organized artistic groups facilitate emotional involvement and provide drivers for constant self-group improvement. Third, engagement of adolescents in art practices enhances effective time-management and avoidance of risky behaviors because sophisticated art practices lead to specific understanding of how to express oneself and what kind of approval to expect from others. On the whole during extracurricular art practices adolescents form emotional competence needed for identity shaping: emotional regulation skills for building successful relationships with others and competence to live rich emotional life for developing a creative individuality.