615.4 The social dynamic fashion

Saturday, August 4, 2012: 9:45 AM
Faculty of Economics, TBA
Lucia ACAR , sociology, IUPERJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Plurality, as a mark of contemporary integrates people and socialize. Create belongings, but not to be plural! We want the uniqueness of our wills and we are always looking for satisfaction of our desires. Be singular in a plural society!
Fashion is a highly symbolic phenomenon, establishing itself as a social skin, through clothing where individuals express themselves and position themselves in society.
From considerations of Simmel on the fashion in which it is seen as a universal sociological phenomenon because of the tensions emerging from social dynamics, we can point to issues of a need for differentiation and imitation as part of the duality of individuals, where "There is a certain quantitative relation between the impulses of individualization and immersion in the community" (Simmel, 2008). A individualize through the strategies of differentiation allowed by the variations of clothing as well as the adoption of certain fashion trends that provide a "swim peacefully in large channels of society, a relief in the face of the individual's responsibility for its taste and its do "so we have to avoid taking responsibility for our choices before.
From the collapse of traditional social structures and their regulatory frameworks, as in the case of sumptuary laws, the trend appears to be a possibility of inclusion and identification of individuals with their social environment. In the dynamics of differentiation and imitation contributes significantly to important aspects of social life.