154.9 The distribution of sociology of childhood's research groups in Brazil

Wednesday, August 1, 2012
Faculty of Economics, TBA
Bruna BREDA , Faculty of Education, University of São Paulo, São Paulo - SP, Brazil
This paper presents the first stage of a research developed in a national perspective in Brazil which aims to understand how Sociology of Childhood is being used in this country by research groups. Using a governmental agency’s research groups database website (Research Groups Directory of National Council of Scientific and Technological Development –CNPq) and other information of Post Graduation courses certificated by CAPES (Coordination of Higher Education Personnel Improvement) we were able to locate research groups that use Sociology of Childhood as their theoretical base. In this paper we focus on how these groups are distributed in Brazil’s five regions and in the twenty-seven states plus the Federal District. We aim to announce how these groups tend to be located in a few states and regions and through the analysis of the data provide an indication of the possible reasons for that concentration.