489.1 Social structure of the information society

Friday, August 3, 2012: 10:45 AM
Faculty of Economics, TBA
Oral Presentation
Vladimir ŠIAMBUK , University of Beograd, Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. dr Vladimir Štambuk,

University of Beograd


Social structure of the information society

A basic concept of every society since the advance  of sociology by Conte, is it social structure. The industrial, modern society has a very clear hierarcical structure. Bell has demonstrated in his epic work “The coming of the post industrial society” thar changes are imminent. His central theme was expressed about and constituted around the passing of the character of the working forces between the industrial and post industrial society. Essentially,  his deliberations were centered around the changes of the social structure that the information society ( in his words, post industrial) is about to maintain.

Researches about the changes of the social structure of the information society has not been undertaken in a large and obvious manner. Never the lest the manifest social movements, the financial and economic crises, as well as a deteriorisation of democratic praxis and political activities of large group of people, before all in Europe and Northern America, has in a more that palpable manner demonstrated that fundamental changes of the social structure of the developed societies is in the making.

The paper will thrive to show that the nascent change are already present and functioning. It shall try to demonstrate some thoughts about this changes and shall attempt to propose a wide-ranging elements of the budding elements of the social structure of the Information society.

This broadly sketched attempt will on a broad-spectrum level be related to the confrontations in and among societies. The changes of the social structure of the Information society shall be seen as an important factor of those confrontations.

Beograd 14 December 2011