564.6 Same same but different - Experience of discrimination, marginalization and exclusion

Friday, August 3, 2012: 1:30 PM
Faculty of Economics, TBA
Oral Presentation
Claudia VORHEYER , Institute of Sociology, University of Zurich, Senior Researcher, Zürich, Switzerland
Experiences of discrimination, marginalization and exclusion differ not only between individuals regarding their multifaceted combinations of characteristics like gender, sexuality, visual nature, nationality, ethnicity, culture, social class, religion, East and West, level of societal development, settlement and so on. There can be also remarkable differences and distinctions in one and the same biography. “Where are you from?” does nor doesn`t matter and is or is not a source of discrimination, marginalization and exclusion experiences depending on characteristics of the context. Based on autobiographical-narrative interviews conducted with both female and male serial migrants from different nations, cultures, social backgrounds and political systems the role and impact of specific intersectional characteristic combinations as well as the effect of a variety of characteristic-context-situations can be demonstrated and analysed. What is the meaning of the different mentioned aspects and their specification for the experience of discrimination, marginalization and exclusion? Which role do the significant others, their accounts and attributions in otherness and othering play? How and which national, cultural, social or even institutional context makes individuals more or less visible and addressed as "the other" or perceived and associated with a certain frame of reference and stereotype. What are the impacts and effects? The group of transnational mobiles are notably qualified to explore biographical processing of experiences of discrimination, marginalization and exclusion meanwhile they offer new perspectives on intersectional research questions as well.