643.2 Theory and methodology of sociotechnics : A non-aristotelian topics

Saturday, August 4, 2012: 9:20 AM
Faculty of Economics, TBA
Joaquim SCHMIDT , SoReGa EV, Board ISA-RC26, Berlin, Germany
Sociotechnics and its methodology will be put into the framework of recently developed Technosciences.

Understanding of >technics< within sociotechnics proves in Third Millenium as fundamentally different from that of Second Millenium. Former >hardware< has become somehow replaced by that, what we presently understand under Software, i.e. technics has changed into proceedings based on information. This requires a new methodology, too. This new methodology presents as non-Aristotelian topics to be presented. Aristotelian topics are space related, while non-Aristotelian topics are time-related. It doesn`t matter any longer in our Third Millenium what is going on around positions, but what happens in-between  them, i.e. group processes matter.  Like architects help to construct buildings and landscapes, sociotechnicans will be educated to help cooperatives and citizens initiatives to define their goals and piloting their way through the jungle of already existing institutions.