130.2 Gender mainstreaming in police and apparel companies in Tamil Nadu for human resource development and improving organizational effectiveness

Wednesday, August 1, 2012: 12:45 PM
Faculty of Economics, TBA
Oral Presentation
Angammal SANTHI.S , NIFT Chennai, Chennai, India

Need for gender mainstreaming in Apparel companies in Tamil Nadu for human resource development and improving organizational effectiveness.

            The efficiency and effectiveness of any organization depends on the optimum utilization of the Human Resource in the organization. Presently with this objective there has been a converted move in India to provide for 33 ½ % reservations to women in government sector employment. This move and the large intake of women in other organisation poses several pertinent questions with regard to gender bias, right organization climate affecting the optimum utilization of the women employees for achieving the objectives of the organizations and fulfillment of the needs of the women. Gender equality is an integral part of human rights that aims to promote the full participation of women and men in society.

                        Since the introduction of liberalization policies in 1991 there has been considerable growth of export earnings in Apparel companies with its advantage in low production costs, abundant resources of raw material and unskilled /skilled labour forces.. The Apparel in India boom facilitated the setting up of production units that employees skilled and unskilled labour of which 80% are women workers. The phenomenal growth of use of female labour is being observed. Nevertheless women are in fact under - represented in managerial jobs although they are over presented in the sewing, finishing and packaging sections.

With an objective of integrating women employees into the mainstream functioning of the organization, the descriptive and cross sectional study was conducted on a sample represented by women workers in Apparel companies in Tamilnadu.

            Data were collected, analyzed and the findings resulted in making recommendations to address the various intervention that needs to be taken for mainstreaming of gender in Tamil Nadu for Human Resource Development and thus improving organizational performance.