419.2 Spaces of sociality homosexuals: Freedom or prison in the public space?

Friday, August 3, 2012: 9:15 AM
Faculty of Economics, TBA
Rafael BARRETO , Social Memory, UNIRIO, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Nowadays the theme of diversity, respect for differences and the fight against discrimination (racial, sexual or at religious fields, for exemple) have been largely discussed in several fields as well as disciplinary action in the field of public policies in Brazil and worldwide. In this sense the present study discusses homosexuality that over the years have been gaining more space and visibility in society. They constitute a group that, based on several factors, can be seen as capable of composing identity (s) and define territories many times constituted ​​as a refuge from the discrimination faced by this group. This way will be described therefore some of this identity and some territories occupied by this group, understanding the symbolic field created by it, which is perceived through symbols that are found in these spaces and their frequenters, through their distinctive dress and vocabulary, for example. It also made a brief analysis of how to give the relations between the members of this group as well as the relationship between them and individuals external to it. Finally a discussion is proposed about the conflicts through which they pass, their traumas (including that part of their training as an individual and group), taking the reader to reflect the question of prejudice and respect for differences.