668 Men and reproduction

Saturday, August 4, 2012: 10:45 AM-12:15 PM
NB 438 (Faculty of Economics)

RC15 Sociology of Health (host committee)

Language: English
Session Organizers:
Maria LOHAN, Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland , Lorraine CULLEY, De Montfort University, United Kingdom and William MARSIGLIO, University of Florida, USA
Gay men, surrogacy and parenthood (Oral Presentation)
Dean MURPHY, University of New South Wales, Australia

Uncertainty and reproductive responsibility: Men and assisted reproduction in Chile (Oral Presentation)
Florencia HERRERA, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile

Anticipating and ‘experiencing' birth: Men, essentialisms and reproductive discourses (Oral Presentation)
Tina MILLER, Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom

Men's experiences of antenatal screening: A grounded theory analysis (Distributed Paper)
Sandi DHEENSA, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom; Bob WILLIAMS, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom; Alison METCALFE, King's College London, United Kingdom

Heterosexual men and parenthood decision-making in South Africa: Attending to the invisible norm (Distributed Paper)
Tracy MORISON, Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa

Facilitating transition to fatherhood the role antenatal education classes (Distributed Paper)
Lorraine ANDREWS, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland; Joan LALOR, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland; Declan DEVANE, National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland

Stereotypes about fathers and family planning (Distributed Paper)
Gabriel BIANCHI, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia; Miroslav POPPER, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia; Ivan LUKSIK, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia; Magda PETRJANOSOVA, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia

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