109 Children's rights and social justice

Wednesday, August 1, 2012: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
NB 444 (Faculty of Economics)

RC53 Sociology of Childhood (host committee)
Session Organizer:
Loretta BASS, University of Oklahoma, USA
Planning for children and families using a rights framework (Oral Presentation)
Margaret SIMS, University of New England, Australia

Child poverty: The link between poor adults and children's rights (Oral Presentation)
Maksim HUEBENTHAL, Martin-Luther University Halle, Germany, Faculty of Philosophy III, Germany; Michael BAYER, Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg, Germany

Children's participation in school: An analysis on decision making competences and children's citizenship (Oral Presentation)
Gabriela TREVISAN, Institute of Education, Minho University, Portugal

School as solution to the problem of place: Student migration, perceptions of safety, & children's concept of community (Oral Presentation)
Pamela QUIROZ, University of Illinois-Chicago, USA; Kisha MILAM-BROOKS, University of Illinois-Chicago, USA

Social investment, children's rights and neo-liberal policy: Balancing competing notions of the child in early intervention activities in the East Kimberley, Western Australia (Oral Presentation)
Sherry SAGGERS, Curtin University, Australia; Kate FRANCES, Curtin University, Australia; Juan LARRANAGA, Save the Children Australia, Australia; Anthea WHAN, Save the Children Australia, Australia

Children of prisoners: A case-study of social vulnerable children in Sao Paulo, Brazil (Oral Presentation)
Ethel KOSMINSKY, Sao Paolo State University Marilia, Brazil