183 Science, innovation and professional development

Wednesday, August 1, 2012: 2:30 PM-4:00 PM
NB 434 (Faculty of Economics)

RC52 Sociology of Professional Groups (host committee)

Language: English
Session Organizers:
Helena SERRA, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal and Lorenzo SPERANZA, University of Brescia, Italy
Lorenzo SPERANZA, University of Brescia, Italy
The discourse on knowledge and innovation. Rethinking professionalism (Oral Presentation)
Helena SERRA, ISEG/SOCIUS, Portugal

Leaving the stethoscope behind: Public health physicians and the spectre of the ‘real' doctor (Oral Presentation)
Lee THOMPSON, University of Otago, New Zealand

From the “physiotherapist practice” to physiotherapy as a profession: The Brazilian case (Oral Presentation)
Ana Luiza OLIVEIRA E OLIVEIRA, University of Campinas - UNICAMP, Brazil; Everardo DUARTE NUNES, University of Campinas - UNICAMP, Brazil

Requiring health professionalization in a neo-liberal country (Australia)!? (Oral Presentation)
Janette YOUNG, University of South Australia, Australia