Roundtable C

Oral Presentations:
Socio-Economic Background of Households and Health Status of Pre-School Children in India
Premananda BHARATI, Indian Statistical Institute; Susmita BHARATI, Indian Statistical Institute
Identifying and Reducing Social Inequalities in Health: Community Informed Qualitative Adaptation of Who's Urban Health Assessment and Response Tool with Focus on Action
Siddharth AGARWAL, Urban Health Resource Centre; Shrey GOEL, UC Berkeley Blum Center Global Poverty; Neeraj VERMA, Urban Health Resource Centre, Indore, India
Towards to Better Understanding the Persistent Association Between SES and Health: The Intersections Between Fundamental Cause, Diffusion of Innovations and Cultural-Health Capital Theories
Angel R ZAPATA MOYA, Centre for Urban Political Sociology and Policies. Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla (CSPL-UPO); Piet BRACKE, Health and Demographic Research. Ghent University (Hedera-UGent)
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