Roundtable E

Oral Presentations:
Transforming Residential Aged Care into a Health Promoting Setting? Results from a Follow up Study on the Austrian Pilot Project “Health Has No Age”
Karl KRAJIC, University of Vienna, Department of Sociology; Viktoria QUEHENBERGER, University of Vienna, Department of Sociology; Martin CICHOCKI, FORBA - Working Life Research Center
‘I Really Have Thought This Can't Go on': Housing Tenure and the Health of Older Australians Dependent on the Age Pension
Alan MORRIS, Institute for Public Policy and Governance, University of Technology Sydney
Older Workers and Caregiving in a Global Context: A Theoretical Analysis of Pressures Towards Convergence and Differentiation
Kate O'LOUGHLIN, The University of Sydney; Sue YEANDLE, University of Sheffield; Janet FAST, University of Alberta; Judith PHILLIPS, Swansea University
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