Inequalities 1

Oral Presentations:
Social Capital and Pre-School Participation in Indonesia
Tatang MUTTAQIN, University of Groningen/ICS; Marijtje VAN DUIJN, University of Groningen/ICS; Rafael WITTEK, University of Groningen/ICS
Social Inequalities in Romania and the Educational Expansion
Valer VERES, Babes-Bolyai University Cluj / HAS - CSS Minority Research Institute
Educational and Social Mobility: Results from a Longitudinal Study
Analia TORRES, CIEG/ISCSP University of Lisbon; Fernando SERRA, CAPP/ISCSP University of Lisbon VAT# 600019152; Diana MACIEL, CIEG/ISCSP University of Lisbon
Can Parental Wealth Explain the Low Rates of Intergenerational Educational Upward Mobility in Germany?
Nora SKOPEK, GESIS; Oshrat HOCHMAN, GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences