Graduates of Lebanese Institute of Social Sciences: Which Equality in Learning, Which Equality in Job Market?

Tuesday, 12 July 2016: 16:00
Location: Hörsaal 47 (Main Building)
Oral Presentation
Hala AWADA, Lebanese Sociological association, Lebanon
Graduates of Lebanese Institute of Social Sciences: which equality in learning, which equality in job market?

The Lebanese Institute of Social Sciences was established in 1959. This institute teaches Social Sciences among four private universities in Lebanon. In its mandate, research and teaching were the two components which have directed its work. 

This Institute was working in light of this aforementioned direction till the Lebanese civil war erupted in 1975. This institution between others, exposed to many negative effects. During this time, under the umbrella of the increasing impact of globalization, higher education witnessed a lot of structural transitions at the world level and local one.

In 1990, Lebanon has restarted his workshop of reconstruction, the institutes of Social sciences like other educational institutions, has subjected to many structural mutations. For example, since 1990, it turned to mass education; it is stamped by the highest level of enrollment among the same universities which teach Social Sciences in Lebanon. Another feature, this institute is the only one which has not adopted the LMD system yet in The Lebanese University.  In the same context, the curricula have no substantial transformation to keep pace with the job market.

In light of this fact, a main question rises up; does the equality of chances in enrollment in higher education provide the same equality in job market?

Other pressing question, it is possible to the local tertiary institution which has no opportunity to coin its own conditions of graduation and its own job market to make a fair integration in the labor division of the scientific world?

Hala Awada