Brazil, June One of 2013. a New Social Movement?

Thursday, 14 July 2016: 10:45
Location: Hörsaal 17 (Juridicum)
Oral Presentation
Germano SCHWARTZ, Law, University of Lasalle, Canoas, Brazil
Renata COSTA, Unilasalle, Brazil
From 2010 until now the world has faced the  uprising of the so-called New Social Movements. In Brazil, was the case of the so-called June of 2013. According to current trends in the analysis of this new phenomenon, protests are related to economic issues or social inequalities, particularly those of a religious or ethnic nature which, in turn, produce new communications directed at the political and law system. In this sense, society integrates and disintegrates, as does the Law, movements that are connected and dependent of one another. When it disintegrates, it moves towards renewed integration, based on other foundations. Many of these go unnoticed at the exact moment they occur. Moreover, they tend to be co-opted by communication and the media according to established standards. Nevertheless, even when a different meaning is produced, a new reality will be communicated at some point.

In this sense, the focus of the paper is to prove that the June of 2013 can be characterized as a New Social Movement and if so what are the consequences to the law system?