Women Empowerment and Its Impact on Social Development in India

Monday, 11 July 2016: 11:25
Location: Hörsaal BIG 2 (Main Building)
Oral Presentation
Vanitha DAPPARABAIL, A.V.K College for Women , Hassan Karnataka, India
Empowerment was defined as a process of transformation of power relation by which oppressed persons gain some control over their lives and involved in the matters, which affects them directly The role of women in development is most intimately related to the goal of comprehensive socio-economic development. Empowerment is the re-distribution of power that challenges ideology and male dominance. It is the greater transformation of the structure or institutions that reinforces and perpetuates gender discrimination. Self Help groups have been playing a vital role in employment generation and employment of women. Many self Help groups are using the financial resources availed to fund investments in assets creation and help financially and socially for the downtrodden women in India. Micro -finance is directly helping poor to empower the conditions of women in India. Women from gross roots investing in self help groups and engaging the women in social, economic, and political fields. Women will be able to plan for their livelihood through the self help groups. Marginalized women finds self help groups are rejuvenating sparks in their lives. This paper looks into the impact of Self Help groups in the upliftment of women status through their contribution to the empowered society. Self Help groups helped them to overcome majority of their personal as professional life. This is a new venture in the women empowerment and social development angle. If not full at least this micro-financing is a hope for many women who are downtrodden sections of the society. This will be programme of mass enlightenment and empowerment .This study carried out in Karnataka of India