Deviance and Social Control in the Society of a Postmodern

Tuesday, 12 July 2016: 11:10
Location: Seminar 52 (Juridicum)
Oral Presentation
Yakov GILINSKIY, Russian State University of Education, Russia
We live in the postmodern world. There are some characteristics of a postmodern society, which are important for understanding deviance and social control.

- Globalization of economy, transport, finances, technologies, and deviance (terrorism, corruption, drugs use and trafficking, human trafficking, arms trafficking).

- Active migration of people and as result of it is "the conflict of cultures" (N. Sellin). "Hate crimes" is a result of mass migration, conflict of cultures. The relations between the indigenous inhabitants and migrants is a modern problem.

- Virtualization of life and activity, including cybercrime, cyberdeviance. We live in the real world and in the virtual world. We will depend more and more on modern IT.

- Postmodern society is a "consumer society". The slogan "all on sale" realized in numerous deviance: street crimes (thefts, robberies, fraud) and white-collar crimes, including corruption, prostitution, etc. 

- Relativism, relativity of realities and our knowledge of them. Deviance is not objective reality, but social construct (terrorism, prostitution, corruption, etc.).

- Refusal of illusions of the possibility of creation of "happy" society ("society of general prosperity"). The World Wars, Auschwitz, Holocaust, Hitler's concentration camps and Stalin's GULAG destroyed residual illusions concerning humanity.

- Totality and system violence, including violence of yje power (D. Becker, M. Foucault, S. Zizek). There are criminal violence, economic violence, religious violence, sports violence and another's.

- The fragmentariness of society, as a result of globalization, generates fragmentarization of norms. Interference of cultures, traditions, religions, aocial and ethnic groups "washes away" normative system.

- Catastrophic grows the economic and social inequality is the main factor of deviance. Grows the quantity and a share of "excluded" is the main social base of crime and deviance.