Sealing Knowledge Gap for Sustainable Agriculture Practice

Wednesday, 13 July 2016: 09:15
Location: Prominentenzimmer (Main Building)
Oral Presentation
Mukesh RANGA, Institute of Business Management, CSJM University,Kanpur, India
With the increasing demand, protection of environment and better return for the farmer there is requirement of sustainable agriculture practice in present scenario.  Sustainable agriculture practices include locally need based farming practice, resource conservation, use of renewable energy sources, quality seeds for ecological and economic sustainability. There is certain information gaps present in agriculture field especially in plant diseases, pest control, marketing, credit and loan facilities. The dissemination of knowledge of organic farming, ecological restoration is also essential for sustainable agriculture growth. For uplifting the position of farmers the government has taken several initiatives, but the problem is related with the source of information through which the ingenuities can be transported to the target group. For meaningful dialogue with the farmer the factors related to demography, age, literacy, gender, awareness and interest for knowledge and skill building are some of essential parts. Present paper discuss about the gap available in information diffusion for affordable farming practices in India.