Creative Professionals. Innovation and Creativity in Architecture and Biotechnology

Wednesday, 13 July 2016
Location: Hörsaal 17 (Juridicum)
Distributed Paper
Teresa MORLA, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain
At present, the discussion and analysis of the constitution processes of the knowledge-based economy, modelled by learning and powered by innovation become increasingly necessary. An important aspect to this contribution is represented by the subject matter of our research: to analyse the importance of innovation within the so-called creative occupations, in the case of Catalonia (Spain). We study the creative process that the creative professionals carry out and the influence that the cities, where these professionals live, exert over this process/ the influence exerted by the training that they receive. For this purpose, we analyze two creative professions within the exploratory phase. The architects and the biotechnology scientists; professions that we have selected after an analysis of the composition of the creative occupations in Spain and their evolution in the class structure through secondary data sources (Labour Force Survey - EPA, Population Census, etc.), considering that in our research we also study the implications that these occupations have on social mobility. Therefore, we have followed a qualitative strategy with in-depth interviews and generational analysis. Our paper aims to present the results of this exploratory phase and open the debate on creativity and innovation, as well as the relationship between creative cities and creative occupations, and whether they are important aspects of the processes of institutional and social construction of the knowledge-based economy. But, how do these relationships take place? How do they work today, in Spain, the relation between the training received by the professionals/creative city  and creative occupations, between creativity and innovation? In what aspects should it be improved?, and, What impact do creative occupations have on social mobility?