Morphogenesis of Neo-Social Relations: Normative Dimensions of Trans-Mobility and Mixed Communications

Tuesday, 12 July 2016: 15:00
Location: Hörsaal 21 (Main Building)
Oral Presentation
Ilya KATERNY, MGIMO-University, Russia
Symbolical and structural difference between the ascriptive reality and the different region of  achieved statuses has always been supposed beyond all question due to well-known historical, or specifically evolutionary rigidity of such distinctions as (racial) white and black, the man and woman, and furthermore the human and non-human, the animate and inanimate, the physical and non-physical. These ascriptions have played a major role in legitimizing emergent norms of “paramount reality” throughout the history of grand civil gains - from abolition of slavery to recognizing the rights of sexual minorities - but at the same time they have poorly been redefined. However, on-going social changes make profound interventions into ascription. We are witnessing arrival of the neo-sociality, which is marked by conspicuous peculiarity of diluting fundamental ascriptive dichotomies: (1) between human and subhuman (i.e, the rights of animals); (2) between cultural ontology and natural one (i.e., transrases, transsexuals); (3) between intelligent entity and anorganic one (i.e., robots), and also (4) between physical and non-physical existence (i.e., e-money). A new brand social phenomena of heteroclite statuses and identities with normative uncertainty has emerged. Thus, we need to introduce and define one more type of normative morphogenesis, along with the noted R.Merton’s innovation and aberration, that would characterize the phenomena. So is the ‘transgression’ (R.Caillois, G.Bataille) interpreted as the modern way to overcome limits of ascription and to call various mixed positions into being. Diversity of autonomous transitions and coactive switchings into the mixed positions falls within the concept of ‘trans-mobility’ - from fetuses to bodmods. When subjects and objects with transgressive statuses and identities are socially involved and enacted, it constitutes fast increasing area of the mixed communication - from the Internet of things to already no surprising sex with robots.