On (Socio-) Semio- Cybernetics of Life

Monday, 11 July 2016: 16:15
Location: Hörsaal 15 (Juridicum)
Oral Presentation
Helmut K. LOECKENHOFF, -, Germany
HELMUT K  LÖCKENHOFF Independent Scientist  Dr.

Ossietzkystr.14, D-71522  Backnang FRG       26/09/2015              E: Loeckenhoff.HellK@gmx.de  +49 7191 62295 



Proposal RC51 Vienna 2016

On (Socio-) Semio- Cybernetics of Life



The evolution point of view may distinguish two kinds of information. Very roughly, thermodynamic information lies at the base of any matter, any existent unit. Created by and derived from energy rich molecules (free energy) thermodynamic information constitutes the energetic funds of any life in the scaffolds of local order. Catalysing their own synthesis, autocatalytic systems indicate the origin of cybernetic information. Cybernetic information fosters self-referent and ever more complex open systems developing into autopoietic systems.  On the (physical) base of thermodynamics and on statistical mechanics, cybernetic information leads and drives the evolution of life from simple coded molecules to higher consciousness and mental artefacts. (J.S. Avery 2012)

Cybernetic information generates transfers and evolves meaning: what a situation, potential, an action, a decision within action and option space may mean for survival, procreation and development of the actual system. In essence, any cybernetic information implies semio-cybernetics, syntax and semiosis. In a generalized sense, cybernetic information and in particular socio-cybernetics rest on semio-cybernetics, the cybernetics of meaning.

Approaches to understand evolution corroborate. For example, a set of transdisciplinary models will begin with the potentiality field governed by principles. The rules of physic, statistics and free energy let spontaneously ‘materialize’ matter. Mutual relations and interaction foster systems and system dynamics. System dynamics and evolution driven by complexity dynamics closely intertwine and mutually enhance with semiosis dynamics. With growing complexity of the social system, semio-cybernetics increasingly determine socio-cybernetics by the impact and the evolvement of meaning.

The attempt presupposes fundamental stances to be aligned. It opens approaches deeper to understand socio-cybernetics in theory, modelling and actual practice. Both need to be explored, confirmed and differentiated.