“Leisure Pattern of RURAL and Urban Indian Housewives'

Wednesday, 13 July 2016
Location: Dachgeschoss (Juridicum)
Distributed Paper
Dilip KHAIRNAR, Deogiri College,Aurangabad(M.S.), India
Mansaram AUTADE, Deogiri College, Aurangabad, India
The emerging pattern of leisure is deeply influenced by changes in social structure, economy & technology process in society. There are drastic changes in lifestyle of Indian people due to Globalization, Modernization & Liberalization. Villages are totally changed in all aspects. Villagers are following urban lifestyle that is dressing, food habitant, entertainment etc. Nowadays, everywhere most people whether man or woman, child or adult are engaged in doing a job or activity hence they don’t get leisure. Traditional entertainment structure is totally changed over the last three decades. Rapid changes have been taking place in leisure pattern between rural and urban families due to advanced communication technology like T.V., Internet, Media etc. So the leisure pattern of rural and urban housewives is changed.

The paper highlights in assessing the leisure pattern of rural and urban housewives based on quantitative and qualitative data collected in Aurangabad City & surrounding villages of Maharashtra (India). In this paper 100 rural housewives & 100 urban housewives were randomly selected for study. The Researchers tried to unfold the following objectives.

1) To find out leisure pattern of rural and urban housewives.

2) To assess the role of leisure in there stressful life.

3) To find out relationship between SES & leisure pattern.