Sociology of Leisure and Climate Change: Some Observations

Tuesday, 12 July 2016: 15:00
Location: Dachgeschoss (Juridicum)
Oral Presentation
Sukant CHAUDHURY, Lucknow University, India
Leisure and its creative utilization have been crucial to Social Development. In the development scenario despite criticisms social development holds the key towards the human development.  However, in today’s era of Global Warming such kinds of development become very difficult in the whole world.  Climate change has been a crucial issue not only in India but for the whole world. It has affected the basic living standards in the world irrespective caste, class, creed, religion and race.  Leisure activities contribute immensely towards Global Warming: for example transportation involving carbon emission, use of hotel, use of plastic bag, wrappers, wastage of food products and may be washing of hair daily. Undoubted the advance countries have undertaken major steps to control carbon emission.

   If you consider cities the pollution index has been alarming in thickly populated countries like China and India. Both have five cities each in the first twenty five most polluted cities in the world. In light of the above this paper will make an attempt to analyze various causes of climate change in India particularly in the cities.   Under this backdrop this paper would try to analyze the factors of Warming through leisure activities and the measures of control for such warming.