Sri Lanka to Monte Pellegrino: The Tamil People and Santa Rosalia.

Monday, 11 July 2016: 10:45
Location: Hörsaal 48 (Main Building)
Oral Presentation
Rossana SALERNO, Master's program “Sociology: Theory, Methodology and Research” at University of Roma Tre, La Sapienza University of Roma and University of Roma Tor Vergata, ROMA, ITALY, Italy
In Sicily a religious festival is anything but a religious rite, so the famous writer Leonardo Sciascia stressed the presence playful during a religious festival. The situation changes if we look at the real context on Monte Pellegrino. The great pilgrimage started in the night between 3rd and 4th September protagonists are the young people of Palermo and young Tamils. Their presence makes the pilgrimage forms new vision of the sacred. Their devotion to the saint who resides in the sanctuary on the mountain is not only comparable to that to the goddess Kali but enriched in one respect the multicultural vision of the pilgrimage itself. This is because in one place is shared not only a form of belief or devotion, but thank you or asking for grace. The particularity of devotion "expressive" of the younger generation, who reside in the same place, Palermo, fundamental to analyze the aspects intrinsic to understanding the phenomenon of youth pilgrimage which intertwines two forms of cultures that converge in one place. The spontaneous presence of young Tamils, during the pilgrimage, is significant for the study of new forms of integration that relate to second generation. Religion and religiosity two terms similar but differing in their significance. In relation to the figure and the site chosen, the body that represents a woman and the mountain, high ground sacred, are symbolically interconnected in both cases placed in analysis. The presence of a female figure, holy to Palermo, who bestows confidence and compassion to the demands of the pilgrims is closely linked to the female figure sacred to Tamil people. The methodology used for the study of the case in the analysis is to place the participant observation in the field, technical support tool was the camera with video capture function.