French "Chrononym" "Spirit of January Eleven", State Propaganda and Society

Thursday, 14 July 2016: 09:00
Location: Hörsaal 23 (Main Building)
Oral Presentation
Olivier CHANTRAINE, Universite de Lille 3, France
The idiom « War on terror », acronym “WOT”, can be considered as the title of a widely spread epic tale, which succeeded where the clumsy slogan “crusade” primarily hammered by president G.W. Bush failed. It is the banner and label of a variety of episodes and series which can be  designated by “chrononyms” , like “Nine Eleven”

In the recent French history, the president Hollande himself promoted the chrononym “Esprit du 11 janvier” (“Spirit of January 11th), after he took the head of a gigantic street demonstration with his guest leaders of the “free world” (Omar Bongo et alii)  on January 11 2015, in an attempt to inaugurate a new era of political correctness and unanimity for “War On Terror” in a French version. The non-adhesion to that “spirit”, its slogan – “Je suis Charlie”, its ceremony – “minute of silence” enforced in all schools - , created a stigmatization of numerous youth, mainly designated by their supposed religious or “origin” identities, as well as located as living in specific areas or being educated in the second-rate school system. The mass reaction to violence against freedom and non-racist society was deeply divided by this state propaganda, resulting in widely spread defiance towards official tales of public action.

We will focus on academic and educational actors who worked in this context to rehabilitate youth of discriminated schools and areas in their democratic and human feelings and opinions. And on attempts by scholars and writers to promote an alternative representation of youth, suburbs and cultural diversity.