Actuality of Diagnostic Procedure and Risks Forecasting in the Ethno-Confessional Sphere

Wednesday, 13 July 2016: 11:30
Location: Hörsaal 31 (Main Building)
Oral Presentation
Anna ZAKHARCHENKO, Scientific and Technical Center «Perspektiva», Russia
Historically, issues of ethnic and religious relations were highly relevant for the world community. Ethnic and religious conflicts on a global scale are no longer an internal affair of individual states; they often become a worldwide problem. According to historical experience of the last decades, activation of various ethnic and religious groups under certain conditions begins to pose a perceived threat for multi-ethnic states stability, freedom and human rights. The relevance of ethno-confessional relations research; diagnostics of risks in this area for the Russian Federation and its regions is primarily caused by multi-ethnic population, multiculturalism and active migration processes. Undoubtedly, nowadays problems of ethno-confessional relations have become high-priority in the structure of social transformations. Stability of the future of the Russian Federation largely depends on ability of the federal and regional authorities to achieve mutual understanding, solidarity and unity of different ethnic groups’ representatives and religions living in the country.  

The importance of people estimation of inter-confessional relations is caused by the fact that the people behavior in different social situations depends not so much on what is objectively real state of the social environment, but how this environment is perceived by social actors. Even the most superficial analysis of the empirical material regarding ethno-confessional relations allow to conclude that different social groups (regarding social, demographic, ethnic, religious, territorial characteristics) have different vision of ethno-confessional situation. There is no doubt that the approach to diagnosis of ethnic and religious conflict risks in ethno-confessional area must be considered fully and constructively.  

Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District is one of the most multi-ethnic regions of Russia. In 2013-2015, a study on «Diagnostic procedure and risks forecasting in the ethno-confessional sphere in YaNAD" was conducted in the district, its aim was to obtain sociological information regarding the status of ethnic and religious spheres.