The Attitudes and Orientations Towards Sociological Practice in Sociology Faculty Members and Graduate Students in Turkey

Tuesday, 12 July 2016: 11:00
Location: Hörsaal 6A P (Neues Institutsgebäude (NIG))
Oral Presentation
Vehbi BASER, Balikesir Univ. Turkey, Turkey
Mutlu Baran DEMIRPENCE, Balikesir Univ. -TURKEY, Turkey
The aims of this study are mainly 1) to investigate the approaches of faculty members and graduate students in the departments of Sociology in Turkey to practical works in the field of Sociology; and 2) to promote and to contribute to increase the recognition and acceptance of Sociological Practice (s.p.) in academic community.

This paper is based on an ongoing exploratory research accompanied by a type of intervention using semi-controlled interference involvement, planned to be wholly completed as of May 2016, on attitudes and orientations (a.&o.s) common in the academic community in Turkey, which have presumably impact upon the academic and professional advancement of (s.p.). The required data will have been collected in qualitative approach, through focus groups and depth interviews, in order to explore the (a.&o.s) taken into account.  In the first step of qualitative study, it has been generated a set of topics, to be used 1) as a guideline in focus groups and semi-structured form to be used in depth interviews, regarded with the areas of (s.p.), in order to identify the components of these (a.&o.s)  and 2) to intervene into agenda of senior and junior academics towards improving the awareness and the acceptance of (s.p.), by putting in circulation and encouraging to discuss on the topics in (s.p).

The (a.&o.s) gained by academic praxis related with the (s.p.) will have been questioned in the focus groups in which graduate students and research assistants have been included. Depth interviews will have been conducted with the academics, working in especially the applied sociology main branch.

The most important finding of the study is to be expected that a somewhat negative, discontented, and/or even cynical (a.&o.s) showed by academics towards diagnosis and intervention, as the significant components of (s.p.) is the main obstacle to the advancement of (s.p.).