For an Analysis of the Global Reality

Sunday, 10 July 2016: 15:15
Location: Elise Richter Saal (Main Building)
Oral Presentation
Antimo Luigi FARRO, Sapienza University Of Rome, Italy
Globalization comprises the emergence of two kind of research questions. The first include various analyses challenging the hegemony of modern Western culture in explaining the functioning of societies and their transformation either through modernization or through a revolutionary rupture. The main analyses fall under: a) postmodernism which advocates going beyond the rationalization projects of social life and the idea of progress highlighted by the Enlightenment, Idealism or Marxism; b) postcolonial studies that affirm the need to break free from the grip that the West would continue to exert on the culture and life of the former colonies or their descendants; c) analyses considering that Westerners can no longer impose their vision of modernity and that there are "multiple modernities" held by different cultures. The second question concerns the search for an analytical model for a unitary explanation of contemporary global reality. This explanation usually focuses on: a) the global systemic forces, the power of conditioning and control in the various economic, cultural, social and political dimensions of individual and collective life at the different, local, national, regional and global scales. This domination is made possible by the control of financial, scientific and technological resources available to these systemic forces; b) the definition of a political system at the global, regional, national and local scales, that can represent the interests and cultural orientations of both the systemic forces and those of the individuals and groups opposing the domination in the name of the affirmation of the rights of each human being; c) the individuation of communicative and relational circuits, face to face, on line or through other technological tools aiming for the construction of new socialities though agreement between the differences and specificities held by every human asserting its rights against dominations.