Globalization, Development and Its IMPACT on Gender Equality in Developing Countries- an Analysis.

Monday, 11 July 2016
Location: Arcade Courtyard (Main Building)
World today recognises that Globalization ' has dramatic economic effects' which work as catalyst for the economic development. Globalization has become watchword of the 1990's for an important structural trend charecterising the dynamics of an evolving world economy and development. 

This discussion paper approaches globlization, its role in development and its implications for developing countries from gender perspective. It also try to highlight the cardinal issues like how globlization engaging in constructive partenership with women in developing countries, how effectively it addressing the situation of the poor, especially poor women, how entering into dialogue with policy makers of developing countries and how providing development- oriented interventions in multilateral forums.

The challenge is to consider the complex and multidimentional concepts of globlization, development and gender to understand key relationships and implications and then to groppel with them in the context of development cooperation. Given the vast scope of globalization, this discussion paper only touches on certain aspects of inter-relationships, rather than presenting an in-depth treatment of one concept. This paper focuses on those aspect of globalization which likely to affect the opportunities and negotiating power of women and the institutions that medeate on their behalf.

This paper basically structured in certain sections like concept and definition of globlization, pattern of change associated with globalization, globalization and development and its impact on women labour, economic generation of poor women and identified from perspective of development criteria and interventions, it also touches the gender equality, empowerment and building of human capability, in the last it also identifies some specific risk and vulnerability posed by globalization process.

Finally, paper concluded that the premise of this discussion paper is the strategic development assistance interventions should include an understanding of how , in a particular localiy,the dynamics of globalization and gender are interacting.