Leisure and Wowens Political Leadership in Panchayatraj System of Karnataka:Acase Study of Bidar District.India

Wednesday, 13 July 2016: 10:45
Location: Dachgeschoss (Juridicum)
Oral Presentation
Basawaraj GULSHETTY, Chairman, International Institute of Social Science Reasearch Foundation, India
The study of leisure and women’s political leadership is assuming importance all over the world, especially developing Asian country like India is in particular. The women constitute nearly half of the total population and this constitutes an important social segment of society. Their welfare and fair share in the development fruits is quite justified. No society can claim to be fair, free and equalitarian until its entire women folk, gets its due shared…. Gender equality in all walks of life is very much need of the modern welfare democratic society, gradual unfolding of opportunities in economic and other spheres of activities unfolding gradually in Indian society. However, the share of women in politics is very restricted. Their personhood however, now is being recognized and steps are being taken to put an end to such discrimination and exploitation. Their right to participate in political activity is now legally recognized.

Leadership is a process through which individual initiate for achieving common objective of the group of community by working together stimulates rightly point out “Be necessary for social science by those who hold any official position such as membership in panchayat boards. Leadership is technically indispensable, leadership and political socialization are two important concepts which are extensively used in this study.

The present study is an effort made to examine the socio-economic profile of women political leadership and their leisure in Bidar district of Karnataka state, confining to panchayat raj system which has emerged under new dispensation in the year 1994. The study also attempts to examine attitude of women regarding politics and their leisure for role of political socialization in shaping effective political leadership.