Social Marketing in Social Enterprises the Case of Sweden

Monday, 11 July 2016: 14:15
Location: Seminarsaal 10 (Juridicum)
Oral Presentation
Maria FREGIDOU-MALAMA, University of GAVLE - Faculty of Education and Economic Studies, Department of Business and Economic Studies, 801 76, GAVLE, Sweden, University of GAVLE, Department of Business and Economic Studies, Sweden
This research explores Social Enterprises focusing on Social Marketing. It analyses how social marketing is used and its impact on social enterprises. Multiple cases were applied for data collection and semi-structured interviews, direct observation and written sources of information have been used to collect qualitative data. Cases on Swedish Social Enterprises developed with the aim to create employment and to empower disable people have been conducted in their real life context. The results reveal that social enterprises use relationship marketing and are people oriented. They develop networks with public authorities, businesses and they approach the general public to market the cause of their existence. It is indicated that social cause is important to be embedded in social enterprises marketing to develop positive image, influence public attitude and change behaviors in the society. It is argued that to succeed with social marketing the management of social enterprises should concentrate on the three relational P: s that is People, Process and Physical Evidence to develop relationships with stakeholders in their internal and external environment.  The research advances theoretical understanding of social enterprises and social marketing by analysing work integrated Swedish cases and pointing out the importance of communicating the social cause of the business. Managers should recognise that networking with stakeholders is imperative for marketing of the aim of the social enterprise and can contribute making the cause of their presence and their vision visible and thus develop trust and legitimate the business.