The POWER of Knowledge: A Threat in Making a Better WORLD

Thursday, 14 July 2016: 09:45
Location: Hörsaal 23 (Main Building)
Oral Presentation
Abhas GANDA, Central University of Gujarat, India
The era of Industrialization with it brought complexities to the society and the human relation. It  was marked by invention and discoveries of many new technologies as well as new disciplines to study the specialization which could not only help people get closer to a better life but in doing so it also created anomie by making the mass slave to technology. Amongst all these there was another point to be marked that is the emergence of sociology as a science involving the systematic study of the society and individual behavior.

Earlier it used to be assimilation of many subjects but with the advancement in the research and the social sciences many subjects such as anthropology got to be recognized as separate subject. Research and development in the sociology not just aimed at bringing into light the social issues but it also created a rift between the different societies. At one hand where it bound the people based on equity and equality it divided the same based on the basis of caste, race and class.

It can be said that in trying to solve some of the basic problems in the society, the social researchers created multifaceted problems. It is not the subject which created problem rather it is the practioners of the subject who manipulated it. It could be said that in order to remove the problems the researchers created more problem.

Thus, by involving some of the texts from upper caste scholars and the lower caste scholars the paper tries to question the direction in which sociology is moving or is it dwindling in between somewhere, by only showing the power of knowledge and creating a divided society for the social scientists to rule through their knowledge.