The Performance in Transformative Learning Practice for Cultural Transmission of Tai Dam in Thailand

Monday, 11 July 2016
Location: Arcade Courtyard (Main Building)
Patoo CUSRIPITUCK, Mahidol University, Thailand
Jitjayang YAMABHAI, Mahidol University, Thailand
In the context of Thailand, the better world means people from various ethnics group can live their life equally especially in a cultural dimension.  Our research based on the sociology of development  to facilitate transformative learning to Tai Dam ethnic group who lived in Phetchaburi provice.  Their way of life was challenged by the dilemma of conservation of their tradition and development of super modernity. We try to answer the question that how people from difference culture can live and learn together and reflect on their performance in cultural struggle 

The transmission of tai dam culture is in-between conservation of tradition and contemporarisation.  We found that transformative learning is an important tool for this practice. Public learning space such as community-based museum is important in order to build hopeful environments and relationships for learning.