Individuality,Individualism and Individualization,a Deliberating about Iran

Sunday, 10 July 2016
Location: Hörsaal III (Neues Institutsgebäude (NIG))
Distributed Paper
Hossein MIRZAEI, associate professor of sociology,Tehran University & The director of - Iranian Institute of cultural-social studies, Iran
Saeedeh AMINI, Allame tanbatabaie university, Iran
What distinguishes today life in human societies from life in pre-modern societies is the humans' power of choice for making decision about their own lives. Due to the various aspects of individualism and its Janus-like behavior, usually there is a concern about the developing countries, since they are moving from collectivism to individualism,that individualism may appear in a wrong way and selfishness or egoism becomes the substitute of responsibility. Furthermore the relation of structural determination (Such as family, ethnicity, religion …) and individualism in different societies is so important. In a society like Iran, people do not leave their families after reaching the legal age. They will have the support and of course the control and domination of their family forever. The relation of an individual and their ethnicity is also a specific one and the faith of an individual impresses their dignity and individuality differently. It has a different appearance in small and big cities. Therefore we could say in total that a kind of individuality has appeared in Iran that considers the family as an important component; that's why it is different with the European common pattern that insists on individuality. Moreover when we consider individuality as a modern issue and individualization as a postmodern characteristic in developing countries and their resulting conflicts,a specific problematic brings up that demands a serious study. This paper is going to discuss the mentioned issues. It studies individualism, individuality and individualization in Iran society specially Tehran.