Golgata Community in Curitiba/Brasil – Possible Transitions Among Underground Scene, Music and Religion

Monday, 11 July 2016: 09:12
Location: Hörsaal 13 (Juridicum)
Oral Presentation
Ana Luisa FAYET SALLAS, Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brazil

This paper intends to debate the new existing arrangement among different juvenile groups for expressing closer links of lifestyles/musical taste: such as darks, rockers, head bangers, surfers, skaters, punks joining Christian churches, created to attend these groups and its cultural expressions. On this case, Golgota Church is presented, founded on the year 2000 by sheperd Pipe, that aggregates and remeans cultural activities of its audience, for its convertion mission and evangelization. The name Golgota refers to the hill where Christ was crucified. Below this name lies the motto: "Where the rocks roll", having other meaning for the Church's faithful - possibility of changing and redemption. The cult as ritual practice is made in a mixed way, which heavy metal music has pride of place. The realization of visual ethnography (videos/photos) allowed to identify visual elements that are elaborated by producing a new visual standard. The one observed here is how this visual standard made by visual, sound and expressive elements gain other meanings when dislocated from its original background of underground production to the scenario of religious practice. With Turner (1974) and Goffman (2011) the theoretical board is elaborated to analyze the cult and the imagery that are summoned on its constitution and development. In Mitchell, W.J.T. (1995) the process of image/sound/texts transformation is analyzed over the ritual process, highlighting from him and other authors the new meanings and its background of fruition and consumption.