Protest Between Discours and Practice - the Emergence of an Efficacious Formation of Practice of Protest in Germany in the Early 1960s until Today.

Monday, 11 July 2016: 10:00
Location: Hörsaal 21 (Main Building)
Oral Presentation
Franka SCHAFER, Institut of Sociology FernUniversität Hagen, Germany
The paper focuses on the emergence of the formation of practices of protest in current German society. In a genealogical perspective it discusses the theoretical relation of discours and practice in protest studies by extending practice theory by a concept of discours orientated to a poststructural materialism (Hillebrandt 2014). It presents first findings of a research project which declines the methodological consequences of the theoretical prospective of practice theory for the sociology of formations of practice of protest. The research opens a bricolage of the emergence of formations of practices of protest from the early 1960s until today. The empirical work comprise analysis of documentary movies, analysis of associations between bodies and artefacts as well as analysis of discourses and enables me to span the relational networks between discourses, recipients, consuments, physical artefacts, socialized bodies and media which one can find between routinized practices of persistence and social change. Initial points are different unprecedented protest events with attachement potential in the german revolution of culture related to the students movement in the 1960s. From there I tell the history of current practices of protest and the emergency of routines and transformation of the formation of practices of protest. The paper plumps possibilities and boarders of doing protest studies by conceptualizing protest as a formation of practice and shows how to conquer path dependences of traditional research with focus on acteurs or ressources of protest.