Recent Breakthroughs in Development Sociology

Tuesday, 12 July 2016: 16:00-17:30
Location: Hörsaal III (Neues Institutsgebäude (NIG))
RC09 Social Transformations and Sociology of Development (host committee)

Language: English

This is an open topic session designed to attract new and exciting work that does not fit the other more tightly-themed sessions. Development Sociology is a highly innovative field. New work is constantly being done that asks new questions, invents new theories, or applies new methodologies to provide new insights. This session is meant to showcase these innovations. 
Senior scholars taking on new questions, graduate students with interesting and unusual dissertations, junior scholars taking their work to the next level, all these are welcome. All methodologies are welcome; all theoretical orientations are welcome; all development-related dependent variables are welcome; work on any region of the world is welcome as well as any historical period including the present day. All that matters is that the ideas and findings being presented are new and important. Scholars that have never presented before at RC09 are particularly welcome.
Session Organizer:
Samuel COHN, Texas A&M University, USA
Urban Development in North-Western India: Some Emerging Sociological Questions in Post Liberalization Era
Manoj TEOTIA, Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development, India
The Challenge of Researching Development Issues: A Methodological Proposal
Tamara HERAN CUBILLOS, Instituto Profesional Duoc, Chile
Nations to Destinations: The Developmental Limits of National Tourism Marketing
Tim ROSENKRANZ, The New School for Social Research, USA