Well-Being Outcomes for Migrants: Fulfilment Vs. Disappointment

Thursday, 14 July 2016: 09:00-10:30
Location: Hörsaal 07 (Main Building)
RC31 Sociology of Migration (host committee)

Language: English

Migrants expect to improve their well-being (and perhaps the well-being of their families) via migration. To what extent are those expectations generally fulfilled? Some migration scholars have recently become quite pessimistic in this regard, finding that migrants and/or their families often experience disappointment and even dysfunction. That pessimism perhaps implies that the choice of migration is sometimes misguided, or at a minimum quite risky. 
This session will comprise papers that evaluate the extent of mismatch between migrants’ expectations and their outcomes. Papers might also adopt a “variation” angle, asking broadly what factors make successful outcomes more (or less) likely. 
Session Organizer:
David BARTRAM, University of Leicester, United Kingdom
Elaine CHASE, University College London, United Kingdom
Life Satisfaction and Subjective Assessments of Success Among East-West Commuters in the Central European Region
Raimund HAINDORFER, University of Vienna, Austria; Roland VERWIEBE, University of Vienna, Austria; Christoph REINPRECHT, University of Vienna, Austria
Should I Stay or Should I Go? Polish Migrants Settlement Practices in the UK, a Decade after Accession
Emilia PIĘTKA-NYKAZA, University of West of Scotland, United Kingdom
Disappointment or Cruel Optimism?
Elisabeth GRINDEL, Kaplan International Colleges, United Kingdom