Integrating Human Rights Education in the Secondary Schools and Higher Institutions' Curriculums in Africa and Asia

Monday, 11 July 2016: 10:45-12:15
Location: Hörsaal 41 (Main Building)
TG03 Human Rights and Global Justice (host committee)

Language: English

Human behaviours are guided universally by morals and norms which are fundamental to their existence. These behaviours form an integral part of human rights which encompass the universal respect for inalienable rights and fundamental freedoms of each and every person. Thus, this implies that the protection of individuals and groups against human rights abuses is very crucial to every ones’ obligation, thereby highlighting the importance of human rights education.  This is an essential contribution towards the awareness and prevention of human rights abuses, necessary for a just society in which human rights of all persons are valued and respected.

Therefore, Human rights education, having been identified as an important discourse to our daily activities will empower students with the knowledge that will go beyond the compulsory education and create an enabling ambiance for a healthier peaceful continents, hence the need for its  integration in the secondary school and higher institutions curriculum in Africa and Asia.

This session seeks contribution and papers that address but not limited to the following:

  1. Human rights education in general
  2. Impact of ICT on human rights education among  youths
  3. The benefits of human rights education for life beyond school
  4. Human rights and gender issues
Session Organizers:
Daisy NWAOZUZU, University of Dundee, United Kingdom and Oluyemi FAYOMI, Covenant University, Nigeria
Human Rights Education for Higher Education in Korea
Minzee KIM, Ewha Womans University, South Korea
Toward Human Rights Education in Nigerian Primary and Secondary Schools.
Oluyemi FAYOMI, Covenant University, Nigeria; Daisy NWAOZUZU, University of Dundee, United Kingdom