Changing Modes of Production and the Arts

Thursday, 14 July 2016: 10:45-12:15
Location: Hörsaal 14 (Juridicum)
RC37 Sociology of Arts (host committee)

Language: English

This session will explore global perspectives on drastic changes in the modes of production and how said changes effect the arts. As can be argued, arts and culture are not mere reflections of a society’s political economy; rather, the arts and culture produced in a given context will dialectically provide insights into the nuances of a societal mode of production. 
Possible topics that can be presented may include the transitions post-socialist nations have experienced since the early 1990s and their respective influences on the arts; the concept of consecration in the realm of art when comparing Apartheid and post-Apartheid South Africa; the incorporation of previously marginalized cultural groups into mainstream art movements (cf. Mexican-Americans in the American Southwest or First Nations and Aboriginal peoples in Canada and Australia, respectively); the crisis of artistic representation in late capitalism; and others. 
Session Organizer:
Jorge GONZALEZ, University of Ottawa, Canada
James DICKINSON, Rider University, USA
Faces of Rurban Mobility of Artists in Slovakia
Michaela RUDYJOVA, Commenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia
Institutional Changes of the Arts in NYC before and after WWII
Hideaki SASAJIMA, Osaka City University, Japan
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