Families and Health: An Emphasis on Same Sex Families

Thursday, 14 July 2016: 14:15-15:45
Location: Hörsaal 32 (Main Building)
RC15 Sociology of Health (host committee)

Language: English

Decades of research on families and health have provided evidence of the importance of family relationships and resources for individual well-being. These studies span outcomes related to daily stress, health behaviors, and mortality and focus on adults in marital and other kinds of relationships, as well as their children.
Largely missing from this body of work are systematic, population-level studies of health and well-being for children and adults in same-sex families, broadly construed as families composed of two men or two women and, in some cases, their children. A growing number of governments around the world are debating the legal recognition of same-sex unions and what they might mean for health. Meanwhile, dozens of countries legally recognize same-sex unions.
This session invites all submissions that contribute to understanding the health and well-being of family members of same-sex families, legally recognized and not, across the world to help fill this important void in the families and health literature.
Session Organizer:
Justin DENNEY, Rice University, USA
Stress and the Provision of Social Support in Gay, Lesbian, and Heterosexual Marriages
Debra UMBERSON, University of Texas at Austin, USA; Corinne RECZEK, Ohio State University, USA; Rhiannon KROEGER, Louisiana State University, USA; Rachel DONNELLY, University of Texas at Austin, USA; Brandon ROBINSON, University of Texas at Austin, USA
HOPE and Quality of Life of Aging People WHO Have a Relationship with Same Sex People in Brazil
João FERREIRA DA SILVA, Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil; Keika INOUYE, Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil; Sofia Cristina PAVARINI, Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil; Fabiana de Souza ORLANDI, Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil
Sociological Analysis of Maternal Healthcare in Madhya Pradesh India
Ruth NENGNEILHING, Women Studies and Research Centre, Rajiv Gandhi University, India; Saleem MIR, Cluster Innovation Centre, India
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