Is There a “Quality of Justice” Standing Worldwide? Rights and Standards Across Cultural and National Borders

Wednesday, 13 July 2016: 16:00-17:30
Location: Seminarsaal 20 (Juridicum)
RC12 Sociology of Law (host committee)

Language: English

What is the justice that we want today? Which different conceptions of “quality of justice” have made their appearance over the last two decades in different parts of the world? Is there any convergent pattern either in the content of the “quality of justice” or in the method the quality is reached or measured? Are there methods and institutional mechanisms that proved more effective in building the organizational and professional capacities that are needed to ensure the “quality of justice”?
This session aims to reflect on the multiple consequences of the shifting from rights to standards, which is characterizing a large part of the judicial systems both in the north and in the south of the world. Policy makers, public opinion, academia and, in part, the members of judicial administrations are re-discovering that justice is a service, which needs to ensure certain standards of quality. The focus of the debate is shifting from procedures to products or, in other words, from the mechanisms to protect people’s rights to the definition of a set of standards to improve effectiveness and efficiency of the judicial service. 
This “change of season”, which is developing in different times and forms from country to country, is gradually redefining the ways to conceive and administer the judicial systems. The session invites scholars and practitioners to take part in a dialogue that will focus on the characteristics of the standard-setting processes and, in general, on the new meanings of the concept of “quality of justice”.
Session Organizers:
Luca VERZELLONI, Centro de Estudos Sociais (CES), Portugal and Daniela PIANA, University of Bologna, Italy
How Organization Transform Law- Sociological Thoughs on Judicial Work
Christian MOUHANNA, Centre de recherches sociologiques sur le droit et les institutions penales (CESDIP), France; Benoit BASTARD, CNRS, France
The Role of the Court-Reforms in the Development of Modern Azerbaijan Society
Rufat GULIYEV, Azerbaijanian Sociological Association, Azerbaijan
Eugen Ehrlich's Notion about Justice and Concepts of Justice in Brazil and Ukraine
Marcos MALISKA, Centro Universitario Autonomo do Brasil - UniBrasil, Brazil; Nataliia KYRYLIUK, Chernivtsi National University, Ukraine
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