Negotiating Religion and Citzenship in Global Context

Sunday, 10 July 2016: 12:30-14:00
Location: Hörsaal 42 (Main Building)
RC22 Sociology of Religion (host committee)

Language: English

The concept of secular citizenship described by C. Calhoun as a tacit feature of modern political reality in the modern West questions the mechanisms and rules of consensual public space constitution as well as the preconditions for personal and institutional religious activity in diverse spheres of public life.
This session invites scholars to discuss the relations between religious, national, ethnic identities of citizens and the forms of their engagement and participation in civic life as well as “secular public places” for which ethnicity, religion, and culture suggest their own way of reasoning and a basis for civic action for individual citizens.

Session Organizers:
Olga BRESKAYA, European Humanities University, Lithuania and Afe ADOGAME, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Olga BRESKAYA, European Humanities University, Lithuania
What Is “Traditional Islam”?: Defining the Borders of Islam in Russia
Lili DI PUPPO, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia
"I Am Austro-Ghanaian" - Citizenship and Belonging of Ghanaians in Austria
Michael OKYEREFO, University of Ghana, Department of Sociology, Ghana
Being Muslims in Italy: New Opportunities and Old Challenges
Simone MARTINO, Università degli Studi di Torino, Italy; Roberta RICUCCI, Fieri, Italy