Current Research in the Comparative Study of Institutions

Monday, 11 July 2016: 09:00-10:30
Location: Hörsaal 30 (Main Building)
RC20 Comparative Sociology (host committee)

Language: English

Including marriage and the market, the parliament and the psychiatric hospital, the university and right-hand driving, the company in general and specific practices in specific companies, the institution is a central sociological concept of both generality and precision, so central to the discipline that Emile Durkheim defined sociology broadly as the study of institutions.
Also, the concept of institutions is central to comparative research as it allows to distinguish comparabilities and differences among social situation. For research that develops or uses concepts of institutions in comparative research, this session offers a general platform. It invites current research in the study of social institutions in comparative research. Both theoretical and empirical studies are welcome, although priority is given to those that combine both.
Session Organizer:
Hanno SCHOLTZ, University of Konstanz, Germany
The Crisis of Cultural Journalism Revisited. the Place and Space of Culture in Five European Newspapers from 1960 to 2010
Riie HEIKKILA, University of Helsinki, Finland; Tina LAURONEN, University of Helsinki, Finland; Semi PURHONEN, University of Tampere, Finland
The Variety of Attitudes Towards Family in East Asia: A Comparative Study Using Issp 2012
Kota TOMA, National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, Japan; Hirohisa TAKENOSHITA, Sophia University, Japan